Mount Lawu

Climbing the opening of the Cage Cemoro-sloping ramp it up in the post Taman Sari Ngisor. From these points Cemoro Cage Mount Lawu hikers will find several posts such as Taman Sari Nduwur close to the crater cracks.

Continue at many places also post-Arip Ravine Pengarip the narrow path, the right side of the cliff and left a yawning chasm.

Then we will also see the vast plains of Post Cokro Suryo, here there are many gravestones in memory of the climbers who died (killed) while doing the climb on Mount Lawu.

Lawu mountain peaks, there are three very famous. Ie peak 1 (Hargo Dumilah) with a height of 3265 masl. The other peaks that are not less popular, because many of the pilgrims is the top destination 2 (Hargo Dalem).

And the last peak 3 (Hargo Dumiling) that believe as a place pamoksan Ki Sabdo Palon, a follower of King UB Pamungkas.

According to the belief that many developing world, the tomb is in the top Hargo Dalem is the tomb of King Brawijaya Pamungkas. Meanwhile there is also considered as the tomb of Sunan Lawu.

Line down through Cemoro Sewu

Travel down the path it will Cemoro Sewu across several posts. Postal mail that we will meet, among others Sendang Drajat, Well Jolotundo, crater of Mount Lawu, until finally posted three and proceed along a staircase the steps with rocks neatly arranged. Here we will also pass through leafy streets lined with trees Pines.

After it arrived in the post climbing Cemoro Sewu,

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